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Survival Cape Cod is not about stockpiling weapons and running around in the woods wearing cammo  preparing for Zombies.  Is there an Apocalypse coming to Cape Cod?  Perhaps, but our goal is to provide viable food reserves in the event of a natural disasters, man made events, long term outages and yes the Apocalypse.  During Hurricane Bob we were without power in Marstons Mills for 9 days and isolated on our dead end street for 7 of them.  Our total lack of preparations for that event started our mission to never be unprepared again.  You don't have to go over kill, a few 5 gallon buckets here and there will get you started on your food preparedness  for less money than you may think.  

There are millions of people in the United States alone that consider themselves Preppers. Those who actively prepare for all types of emergencies from natural disasters to civil unrest. They often acquire items such as emergency medical supplies, food and water, and more. While not everyone prepares for disasters as some Preppers do, anyone can put together a survival kits that could help them in times of need. 

Cape Cod is unique in that we rely on two 80 year old  bridges as our primary means of food, fuel, water goods and services.  With no major shipping ports the Cape hangs in a delicate balance should a disaster occur.  Picture the the aging Cape Cod bridges during a major  nuclear, EMP , Civil unrest or natural disaster that lasts for Weeks  or Months.  Cape Cod is one of the most isolated places on earth.

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