Option One


We package your Food and Supplies for long term Storage

 We will work with you to pick the best foods to be packaged and stored. You can purchase the food and drop it off, have it shipped to Us, or we pickup locally or we can purchase the food (deposit required) and  package it.

Option Two


Order our growing variety of Prepackaged Buckets

We are starting to offer prepackaged buckets of pastas,  rice and beans, Ready to go. 

RESTAURANT quality Food properly PRESERVED - 25 year Shelf Life


Restaurant quality food packaged in 5 gallon non BPA food storage containers


We buy in BULK and will order whatever your looking for or make suggestions based on our 27 years of research and experience.


Stock up on the Staples that are proven to last when re-packaged properly


Top Quality Mylar Bags 


Stock up on a little or a lot


Water is the most important resource you can have.  There are many storage options available.  You have 2 gallons per person / pets per day


We simply double the suggested absorption rate. We date take chances on the simple things


Every bag is Double Sealed


Buckets can be used for storing food, supplies, first aid, ammo and more


What are Survivalists really putting away for an Emergency


Your number one option is to shelter at home! Bugging out and running thru the woods killing zombies may look like a fun way of using your AR-15 but that's probably not going to happen.  And if your a walking dead fan you'll notice that their biggest challenge is water ... .water... water.  


In addition to packaging your own foods, there are many pre-packaged alternatives we can review and recommend based on your families nutritional requirements